Welcome to Merrymeeting Community Shares

Merrymeeting Community Shares is an hour for an hour service exchange membership organization. For every hour you spend doing something for a member you earn one share. Record it in your account, and you can spend it to buy an hour of another member’s time!

The service exchange system is based on the age-old principles of compassion, mutual responsibility and respect, known as the Core Economy. This system is fundamentally different from a cash economy. When using social currency your capital is never restricted to the numbers on your bank statement. Rather than being completely dependent on the financial fluctuations of your employer, Wall Street, and international business, your wealth is bolstered by the use of your own talents and that of the membership.

In our current economic model we must constantly juggle the use of our time, talent and money. By participating in Merrymeeting Community Shares and reducing one third of that equation, you have time to do more of the things you love. At the same time, you are allowing other members to do for you those things that they enjoy far more than you do. This approach is grounded in the principle of abundance. As expressed by Edgar Cahn, the founder of this system commonly known as ‘time banking’, “We have what we need when we use what we have”.

As a member of Merrymeeting Community Shares you can:

Redefine Your Wealth and Prosperity

Use and Develop your Talents

Have More Fun

Build a Sustainable Community

Contribute to the Unique Quality of the Merrymeeting Bay Region.

In this area, we are privileged to draw from a population wealthy in innovation, resourcefulness, creativity, skills, talent and wisdom. By exchanging these energies we strengthen ourselves as individuals, families, and communities while we enhance the quality of our lives.