Upgrade Your Computer’s Programs

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If you are experiencing technical difficulties in viewing pages such as:

  • Having to “right-click” to open documents
  • PDF, PowerPoint or Keynote files not opening
  • Images not appearing
  • Flash content not operating
  • Java Script not functioning
  • Files, images, movies taking too long to open or download
  • Other interesting phenomena

It might be that you will need to:

  • Clear your “Cache and History”. Sometimes users keep going back to a saved page in the browser which is inappropriate to the new situation.
  • “Right-click” to open documents. Sometimes also, a double click is required. Downloading or opening documents, images, videos etc., can slow down a computer. Close out of any unwanted windows and be patient. Upgrading your computer is always helpful.
  • Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files.
  • Upgrade current versions of PowerPoint and Keynote programs.
  • Disable your “pop-up” blocker or other security preferences for viewing sites.
  • You may want to allow “http://merrymeetingshares.com” as an exception when adjusting your security preferences.
  • Be sure to check your Junk Email bin to see if messages from us accidentally ended up there.
  • Be sure to have the latest versions of Java and Flash enabled on your computer.
  • Upgrade your browser. Internet Explorer is sometimes a problematic browser. We suggest Firefox.
  • View appropriate pages as “simple html’ rather than as dynamic content. Some browsers allow for this choice.
  • Change from dial-up to a faster connection.