Membership Agreement & Policies

Membership Agreement
& Policies

1. Merrymeeting Community Shares is a non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Maine, whose rights and authority are vested in the members who delegate that authority to the Coordinator and the Board of Directors who act on their behalf.

2. . Merrymeeting Community Shares provides a service through which members can exchange goods and services, and maintains a central account of those exchanges for the benefit of members who may be individuals, households, businesses and organizations.

3. . Key information is available to all members. Members agree to Merrymeeting Community Shares holding their details on computer and distributing to other members only those details relevant to the purpose of an exchange. Members also agree to the directory of goods and services being distributed to the general membership for publicity purposes.

4. Members may give or receive from each other credit in the accepted Merrymeeting Community Shares unit of account called Shares. Shares are transferable from the receiving member to a non-member with the agreement of the offering member. Receiving members are responsible for being present to facilitate the offering unless clear alternate arrangements have been made.

5. . Members agree to be responsible for the reporting of exchanges. Only the account holder who delivers a service or goods can authorize the transfer of Shares into their account from that of the recipient of the service or goods.

6. . Members may engage in a transaction entirely in Shares, or on a part cash, part Shares basis as previously agreed upon, but only Shares are recorded on the Merrymeeting Community Shares system.

7. All accounts start with two Shares issued at joining. Members need not have any Shares in order to receive an exchange. In other words, members are allowed to go into debt, subject to any limit that may be set by MCS from time to time.

8. No member is obliged to accept any particularly invitation to engage in any specific transaction with another member. On leaving the Merrymeeting Community Shares however, members with commitments outstanding are obliged to balance their account.

9. . In order to maintain active membership, every member agrees in every membership year to participate in the system on three levels. Each member will give three (3) Shares, receive three (3) Shares, and contribute three (3) Shares to the operation of Merrymeeting Community Shares. The Coordinator will review the accounts of the members, who agree to be contacted in regard to their standing. Members are encouraged to join committees in service to the membership and the organization. All committees are to be chaired by the Coordinator.

10.Any member is entitled to know the balance and turnover of another member’s account as well as feedback regarding services. These will be posted on the website for members to view.

11. The MCS Coordinator and Board are authorized to request a joining or renewal donation to be an amount affordable to the member based on a sliding scale. Service hours to MCS may be accepted in lieu of a donation. No interest is charged or paid on balances.

12. The Merrymeeting Community Shares Coordinator may decline to record an account or directory offering considered inappropriate for legal or other reasons.

13. No warranty as to the value, condition or quality of services or items exchanged is expressed or implied by virtue of the introduction of members to each other. It is the responsibility of each member to assess the appropriateness of any given service to them. Members are encouraged to post feedback about exchanges, and to report to the Coordinator any inferior or unfulfilled service.

14. Members have the right and are encouraged to attend any meeting of the Board of Directors and to contribute ideas, make suggestions, and request changes.

15. The Coordinator may act on behalf of members to seek explanation or satisfaction from any member whose activity is considered to be contrary to the interests of the membership. The Coordinator also reserves the right to deny membership to an applicant in exceptional circumstances at her discretion.

16.Membership in Merrymeeting Community Shares implies acceptance of the conditions of this agreement.

17.This agreement may be updated, changed or modified at the discretion of the management.