Featured Member

“We are a dedicated group of journalists, photographers, editors and graphic artists who hope to demonstrate the best of what journalism can be in our state. We aren’t the first group of people who shared that mission.” an excerpt from their website: http://www.newmainetimes.org/

We welcome The New Maine Times as a member of MCS. We look forward to their excellent coverage of what is genuinely happening in Maine. There has never been a more appropriate time for a paper of this kind. The collective conscience of Maine requires it. Again!

“You see, a funny thing happened a few decades ago. A publication was started in Maine by John Cole and Peter Cox that asked questions and demanded answers from those in authority or positions of power. It was called Maine Times, and it covered serious issues – political corruption, public wrongdoing, and the environmental degradation rampant at the time in Maine’s wilderness and rivers and coastlines – along with a strong culture component, a deep attachment to the natural world and the issues of place that personifies our state.

When Maine Times folded, the state was poorer for its loss. Now, more than ever, Maine has need of such a publication, and we are going to do our best to fulfill that paper’s original mission, while adding new and vital issues of our own: economic analysis, statewide culture, and modern sustainable living concerns.” – from “About” page off of their website.

We thank them for joining us and look forward to sharing!