“Through education, and the reciprocal exchange of our talents and skills, our mission is to contribute to the sustainability of community and our quality of life.”

There is no membership fee required to join Merrymeeting Community Shares. We provide a community service that provides and encourages a means by which neighbors can help neighbors, and at no cost to the members.

These exchanges use time as a complementary currency, called “shares”, and an easy to use online system of tracking ones exchanges. Over the years we have had a positive impact on the lifestyles of many people in the Merrymeeting Bay Region by:

  • reducing economic stress
  • providing services that range from essential to life enhancing
  • creating a venue for members to contribute and benefit equally in community

We Are Building A Healthy Future

Operating even the most frugally run organization however, does cost money.
Costs include telephone – website – electricity – internet access – paper – ink – postage – PO box – meeting space – and a stipend to compensate the person who is willing to be responsible for overseeing the fundraising – social activities – recruiting and training – member support – and the operation and well-being of the organization.

To generate money, MCS holds fund-raising events and an annual giving campaign.

You can make your annual contribution here online by using our secure Paypal Account. To do this, simply click on the DONATE button and follow the instructions. Your generosity is always deeply appreciated! Whether you are making:

  • an annual member contribution
  • an additional gift
  • a non-member contribution as a friend or family member supporting the work

Members and non-members are also invited to support us fiscally with offerings such as:

  • Benefit Performances
  • Printing Services
  • Space for Meetings and Events
  • Adopt–a-Bill

Thank you for considering this request and giving your precious time. If you have any questions or if you would like to volunteer your time for shares, please feel free to
contact us. You can also call Donna at 207-710-0373