About Us

In this region surrounding Merrymeeting Bay, we are privileged to draw our membership from a population wealthy in innovation, resourcefulness, creativity, skills, talent and wisdom. By exchanging these energies we strengthen ourselves as individuals, families, and communities while enhancing the quality of our lives.

Merrymeeting Community Shares is a system of commerce and community building adapted to our changing times. We are concerned with reinterpreting personal wealth and understanding that security is built on awareness and respect for our mutual vulnerability and interdependence. As we acknowledge the uncertainty of these times, we face the challenge and opportunity to take charge of our lives by exercising personal and community responsibility. The vulnerability of the systems we depend on and have long taken for granted is more apparent these days.

• employment security 

• the financial systems in which we have invested our future

• the sources of the energy that supports our lifestyles

• the education of our children

• the quality our food supply