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HourWorld Members Guide Tutorial
HourWorld Members Guide Tutorial


Special Considerations:

Some members are reporting an inability to change or save their bios. We’re not able to get the bio [Save] to fail.

Please forward your EXACT Bio text, Operating System and Version, Browser and Version

We support IE7+ as IE6 and older are OBSOLETE

We support Google Chrome (auto updates so is always up to date.)

We support Fire Fox 3.6 forward. and see this fix

For a powerful interactive browser readiness chart, see: http://html5readiness.com/

Google Chrome bug won’t allow upload of images. For now use FF or IE to upload your images!

Click [+] to duplicate an existing transaction in your My Statement area so you only need to enter a new date and hours and click Record Transaction!

When searching for Providers or Receivers you’ll see a [+] next to every service. Click [+] to quickly add that service to the services you offer (when searching providers), or to the services you want to receive (when searching receivers).

If you are reporting your hours and you are the provider, TnT assumes the receiver was satisfied, and it would now be up to the reciever to indicate otherwise in their My Statement area. This unclutters the hours reporting process.

When searching for Providers or Receivers you’ll now see their distance from you and their last login as aids to choose whom to contact about a service. You may be looking for someone within walking distance, or a member that is obviously active (logged in last week).

!!! FIREFOX USERS !!! Firefox does NOT always auto refresh content. This feature BREAKS your login. See this link for a permanent solution. In the meantime, FORCE a refresh on each page you goto for proper function.

Your ideas are welcome, thanks!