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Important Updates:

NOTICE: MCS is currently looking for a skilled public relations person to take over the administrative end of out-reach and membership management. The role involves:

  • crafting newsletter content
  • responding to member questions and comments
  • generating outreach ideas
  • updating membership database

The position can be done from home or any secure computer logged in to the website backend. The hourly rate is $12. Contact MCS for details.


Previous Update:

MCS is going through a transformation. The interest in the sharing economy has grown considerably over the last few months. In order to adapt to the recent changes with serving this community, MCS has reorganized its website. As these changes are still underway, we thank you for your patience. Any like-minded individual interested in volunteering with MCS (shares earned) can contact us anytime: contact (at) merrymeetingshares.com. Merrymeeting Community Shares is an hour for an hour service exchange membership organization. For every hour you spend doing something for a member you earn one share. Record it in your account, and you can spend it to buy an hour of another member’s time! The service exchange system is based on the age-old principles of compassion, mutual responsibility and respect, known as the Core Economy. This system is fundamentally different from a cash economy. When using social currency your capital is never restricted to the numbers on your bank statement. Rather than being completely dependent on the financial fluctuations of your employer, Wall Street, and international business, your wealth is bolstered by the use of your own talents and that of the membership.

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